What Are the Shortcut Keys For Undo And Redo Commands on Windows And Mac?

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If you want to know what is the redo keyboard shortcut on Windows. Then, read this guide we reveal that redo shortcut makes Windows computer functions easier to perform.

Shortcut keys are designed to enhance the working experience of a user on Windows and Mac devices. If you want to save time on accessing the devices, using shortcut keys is the best option especially for undo and redo commands. It works faster than pointing to a mouse cursor and then clicking on the undo and redo icons. If you are not familiar with these shortcut keys, you will learn here in the article about how to redo on keyboard.

What are Undo And Redo Commands?

Before moving to the solution part, you should know what exactly are the Undo and Redo commands.

1. Undo command

If you performed a wrong action or typed something wrong, then you can reverse the action and make it correct with the help of the undo command. Users can execute reversing more than one action.

2. Redo command

It is the opposite of the undo command. If you want to repeat your last action and save it for further use, execute a redo command. It is executed only after an undo command. It restores an action that was undone by an undo command.

How to Use An Undo Command?

To use an undo keyboard shortcut command, follow the steps carefully –

  • Windows – Ctrl +Z

  • Mac – Command + Z

How to Use A Redo Command?

To use a redo keyboard shortcut, follow the given steps –

  • Windows – Ctrl+Y / Ctrl +Shift +Z / F4 function key

  • Mac – Command +Y / Command + Shift +Z

Note – to perform the undo and redo commands, the mentioned keys should be pressed together.