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Data protection statement

We understand when you use our services, you entrust us with your data.We want you to know that we take the security of yoor data seriously. We are transparent avout the policies, practices, and technologies used to protect the security of your data across all our services. We want you to know that:

  • You control your data. We will never compromise on this policy.
  • We protect and defend your data wuth all the latest technologies available to us.
  • We do not sell your data.
  • We are transparent about where data is located and how it is used
Getting started
Where to get started and how to navigate HeyJinni. All your privacy and security Qs answered.
Compliance and policies
Visit our Trust Centre for all HeyJinni policies, including supplemental policies.
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You are in control of your privacy. You can manage cookie preferences everywhere on HeyJinni.
HeyJinni knowledgebase.
All your FAQs answered.
Resolution centre
Raise a ticket to have a dispute, query or concenrn resolved. Exanples include claims, account impersoation, refunds, etc.
Data processing centre
Information about how we process data and our sub-processors.
Report abuse
How to report profiles, abuse, policy breaches and bullying.
Data subject access
Please follow the link and fill in the form to make a data subject access request.
Business centre
Information for businesses, partners, agencies and stakeholders.
Monetisation centre
Information on user-monetisation schemes. HeyJinni offers more than twenty user-monetisation models.
Jinni lab
Make the most of HeyJinni Lab. Your one-stop workshop for creating or generating videos, graphics, etc.
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